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Important Tips Reguarding your Air Conditioning in College Station

Sample Lease

Inventory and Condition Form

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Important information from College Station Police Department

Report of Incident on Property

Extension of Residential Lease

Lease Amendment for Tenant Change

Notice of Tenant intent to Vacate

General Tenant Rules and Responsibilities in Regards to HOA
 and Local Code enforcement

Itemization of Security Deposit

Tenant Move Out Check List

Tenant Insurance Addendum

      Dear Tenants,

Recently many of the HOA's have decided to crack down on Trash Can and yard violations. In all of our rental properties you are responsible for making sure the homes are in good appearance from the street. The HOA and city rules and codes and you will avoid fines. Below are a few requirements, following these in addition to any HOA rules or City Codes will keep you in good standing.

1. Keep all trash or debris cleaned out of your yard. The HOA does not care if the trash blew over from the wind in to your yard if it is in your yard you need to clean it up.

2. Keep your yard mowed, this includes weed eating, edging and keeping large weeds out of the flower beds. You must also keep back yard mowed if long grass is found around HVAC units we will be forced to mow it and bill you for the mowing.

3. Keep your trash can out of view. Trash cans must be behind a fence or in a garage. This is a HOA requirement as well as a requirement of your lease.

4. Do not park on grass, this is a city code and will lead to a fine from the city also this can damage any sprinkler system in place. If sprinkler becomes damaged and it is deemed to be the fault of a vehicle you can be charged for the repair.

5. Do not set any unauthorized furniture on the porches or in front of the house. If you have a question ask, do not assume something is authorized. 

6. Boats, Trailers, ATV's, Jet Skies, and other recreational vehicles are not allowed at any of our properties unless kept in a garage. If you have any questions please call for clarification. Any permissions granted must be in writing.

Remember as a tenant you are responsible for any fines incurred due to you or your guests. Fines will be charged to tenants. Per your lease rent is considered late until all fines and rent is paid for the following month. Late fees will be enforced. Coventry Glen Realty does not want to have to enforce any fines or fees so if you have any questions please call us for clarification.

Thank you

Important Notices for Current Tenants

Tenant Notice Regarding City and
Homeowners' Association Rules (HOA)

Both the city and the HOA have various rules that often can lead to fines levied against a property if violation of these rules is due to the actions or negligence of a tenant or their guest these fines will be billed to the tenant. All fines are due with the next months rent, if any billed fine is not included with the rent, the rent can be considered late. The most common amongst these rules involve yard condition, trash can placement, and parking. Please click here to see more information on the common rules and regulations.

For more detailed information on specific HOA guidelines and city regulations please click here.